Year                 Artist                Album                                                          Link(s)

2017    Lola      "Single-Feeling Fine"  


2017        The Belief Cycle         "Gaslight Sessions EP"




2016      The People's Key       "Within You"


2016                              Chance The Rapper                               "LSD" Video/Single


2016    Lee Nix and Ryan Marquez  "Flutes and Keys Meditation"


2016        Sean Coray        "Encinitas"     


2016         Steve Davis       "This is That" 

2016         Feyza Eren        "Imagination" 


2016         Matt Rowland    "Be Like Water"


2015         Fresh Heir        "All Up From Here"


"The stars have all aligned on Fresh Heir's "All Up From Here" (2015). Utilizing catchy horn riffs, rippin' guitar and keys solos as well as smooth vocal lines from drummer Nick Savage, keyboardist/keybassist Ryan Marquez and newly added vocalist Phil Hamer, the group packs this album full of soul, hip-hip, and jam music. Fresh Heir has devolped all these sounds and more in a "pop" sound familiar to all but all of their own.  On this record, you will find groovy, danceable beats mixed with conscious lyricism that will speak to your mind, body and soul. Continuing to bring you a message of self empowerment, the theme of the band's 4th release centers on Love, following your dreams and finding a conscious purpose in life." 

2015   ToyMaker               "ToyMaker"       

Toymaker represents a musical exercise for all involved (both the listener and musician). The objective is to create music that remains accessible and melodic with odd drum and bass grooves underneath. .

2015  The People's Key    "Heal The World"


2014  Lamar Harris and The People's Key "The Sean Carter Jazz Suite"


2013  The People's Key    "The People's Key"


2010    Fresh Heir      "The Sky's The Limit"

The band's third release, "The Sky's The Limit", showcases the evolution from the group's raw, funk/jam improvisational beginnings to a refined "pop" sound lyrically rooted in ideals of self empowerment and reflection on world issues. Exercising the full productional capabilities of recording in studio, "The Sky's the Limit" offers an original and unique sound born out the groups early years of performing high energy jam-shows, experience touring the world and maturing musically to create a sound all of their own. By Infusing elements of hip/hop, rock, and soul the group features an alternative sound to current mainstream music that will have you singing, clapping and dancing along wherever you may go.

2009       Fresh Heir  "Live Around the World"                            Listen:


In 2009 Fresh Heir had the opportunity to travel around the world performing tracks that would later become the foundation for their first vocal driven album "Sky's The Limit". "Live Around the World" mixes the high energy, improvisational aspect that classic FH fans had come to know and love with a modern sound featuring vocals and positive lyricism. Led by the soulful voice of drummer Nick Savage, the transformation into vocal music can be heard and felt in this Live release.

2007       Fresh Heir       "Fresh Heir"                                          Listen:

Fresh Heir's first release, self titled, features a smooth sophisticated sound rooted in Jazz, R & B and Soul. Utilizing their improvisational skills, the band exemplifies a groovy sound reminicent of improvisational jam bands at the time. Think Soulive meets Roy Hargrove's RH Factor.  Before the evolution of vocals, positive lyricism and a pop driven sound, the band's built it's early success \ featuring instrumental, improvisation driven, original music. The group was awarded Best Jam Band by The River Front Times multiple times and has performed numerous jam/jazz festivals through the years including The Iowa Jazz Fest and The 10,000 Lakes Festival. The sounds on this record attributes and captures the essence of that flavor.