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On Tour w Fresh Heir

Fresh Heir is going on tour June 6th through June 17th with the ultimate goal of sharing their story through songs and growing as musicians, teachers and men. They will be shooting a video in CA sponsored by Soultone Cymbals and playing several shows along the way.

We will be making the following stops:
Kansas City, MO
Georgetown, CO
Denver, CO
Los Vegas, NV
Los Angela's, CA
Encino, CA
Anaheim, CA
Flagstaff, AR
Salt Lake City, UT
Lawrence, KS
Kansas City, MO
Lake Ozark, MO
St. Louis, MO (Donor Show)

In May, Nick Savage received a grant from the Saint Louis Regional Arts Commission: RAC to cover some of the trip. The grant total was $3000.00.

The following expenses have already been incurred:
Housing: $1075.00
Transportation: $1775.00
Food Estimate: $1000.00

Total: $3825.00

This cost does not include 12 days off of work for the musicians and pay for their performances while on the road. 

I'm launching this campaign  for Fresh Heir musicians while they take several days away from their jobs and families to make this tour happen. The performances do not  guarantee payment but you know that won't stop these men from giving 110% every night in every city!

$15 will feed one guy for the day.

$20 will pay a musicians performance fee for one hour. We are estimating each musician will be performing a total of 20 live videos, rehearsals and more!

$100 will help with equipment and bills acquired at home while on tour.

There will be a donor party 6-17-2017! We are inviting all donors to a special performance the day the band returns to St. Louis, MO.

More videos like the one below along the way!

Peace, Love, and All The Best,

Fresh Heir

Check out for more info!