April Newsletter #1

Today I sent out my first newsletter of the month. It has a list of events you can hear me play at for the first 2 weeks of April as well as a bunch of news including: "Moving Forward In Time" feature in The Riverfront Times, A New Single entitled "Imagine", my solo piano project "Piano Lullabies Beatles", exclusive live tracks from the jazz trio's release show, the newest episode of The Conscious Listening Podcast and more!

Another cool thing that happened in recently is I sold my very first piece of artwork! The picture to this post is it! If you're interested in seeing more and owning a piece, check out the ART and STORE tabs on the site.

Click this link to read all about it and subscribe: https://mailchi.mp/b60373e57c39/are-you-looking-for-new-music-and-events-to-check-out-this-weekend

Ryan Marquez