My Trip to The Green Mill (Chicago) to hear organist Chris Foreman!

Chris Interpreting Sunshine Superman by Donovan

I got a chance to go to The Green Mill this past weekend to hear some live jazz. What a special treat it was! Synchronistic with the visit, Organist Chris Foreman was playing on a genuine Hammond B3 behind the bar. Chris is a huge inspiration to me as an organist/pianist. I first learned about him through one of his former groups The Deep Blue Organ Trio. They were an amazing group based out of Chicago that I spent a lot of time listening to during the formative time of The People's Key.

Chris is notorious for taking pop standards and flipping them into super hip soul jazz arrangements. On his records he can be heard jazzing up Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire, Prince, The Doors and more! It was really great to check him out and get a chance to chat with him. He even played a down home slow blues that he gave a shout out to me on! He's got those tasty blues chops and can slam standards with the best of them. If you ever get a chance to see him, GO!

What was cool about The Green Mill is they had the organ behind the bar. It really created a focal point and built in audience. Chris had the audience's attention the entire time. People were really engaged in his arrangements and he was working the crowd wonderfully.

I hope to get another chance to check him out the next time I'm in Chicago!

Ryan Marquez