Jammin with Joe Mancuso and Steve Davis at The Judson House

Yesterday I got a chance to play a private party with my homies Joe Mancuso and Steve Davis. This is a really fun group to play organ/keybass in. Joe is a cool dude and superb vocalist who has a really great voice and delivers excellent renditions of classic jazz/pop standards on his sets. It is actually through Joe, that I met Steve. We've been playing the last couple years together and really have formed great chemistry on and off the band stand.

Joe and Steve both have been very kind to me with offering me insight into their strategy and perspective into working the scene here in STL. I consider them both good friends and really enjoy our hang/jam time. We've got a bunch of dates coming up this year.  You can see this group live in action on May 3rd at Joe's Cafe and we will be featured on The Hermann Wine and Jazz Festival on 8/18.

Please excuse the part in the video where the audio/video unsync. Not sure why that happened! 

Also got a chance to jam with another great singer who sat in on the gig, Rob Nelson. Thanks for the pics Rob!



For more info and to see all of Joe's bookings: www.mancusojazz.com  

More about Steve at: www.stevedavisdrums.com

Ryan Marquez